A girl with megaphone

The ability to speak convincingly is an art that can be learned. Of course, it’s not enough to have speech to convince millions, but for everyday self-expression is a very important quality for a person.

We have prepared for you a few tips that will help to develop your ability to speak persuasively.

Speak slowly

Naturally we think that all the important information should be spoken out as soon as possible. But the truth is that for a better perception of the information we need to speak slowly, pausing in the right places.

It should be said that slow speech looks more convincing and solemn. And it will bring a lot of benefits to the speaker, first of all a person feels more relaxed and more confident in his strengths.

Make pauses

First of all, pauses are necessary to do in the places to which you want to pay attention. A pause is needed in order to give the listener the ability to think a few seconds on the received information.

Follow your movements

It is very important during that time of speaking to look after your movements. Very often our movements can show quite opposite things than those which we are trying to tell. Non-verbal speech is as powerful as verbal. That is why it is worth learning not only to speak confidently, but also to move confidently.

Making accents

If you want to learn how to speak convincingly, you need to learn to make the right accents in the right places. As we have said, in order to capture the attention of the interlocutor we should make pauses in the right places. But that's not the only way. It is said that the most important rule is not to talk monotonously.

First of all, you can capture the attention of those who listen with the help of the volume of your speech.

Secondly, the speed of your uttered speech matters a lot. Don’t be in a hurry if you want to convince people.

М. Petrova