Sale sign

Shopoholism is not a fiction, but in fact an obsession for many people. Especially shopaholics are attracted by sales. Today we want to tell you how not to be hooked by the tricks that marketers have come up with during these sales.

1. Do not fall for agiotage
The excitement may even sane people turn into shopaholics. Be extremely careful with the sizes and before buying think once again whether you really need this thing or not.

2. Make a list of what you want to buy
Aforethought, check out promotional catalogs and make a list of things you want to buy. And think about how much money you can spend on a particular purchase. It is said that such a list does not exclude spontaneous purchases, but it is believed that this number is reduced.

3. Buy generic stuff
On sales you can successfully update your wardrobe. Look closely at universal things that may be suitable for different outfits. Don’t choose trendy things that will go out of fashion tomorrow.

4. Buy items of your size
Do not rely on the fact that if you buy a smaller thing, then the next season will lose weight and can easily wear it. Remember, this will never happen. It may be worthwhile to buy something more expensive, but that will emphasize all the charm of your shape.

5. Think about how and with what you will combine things
No matter whether you buy a thing on sale or not, always think about how and with what you will wear and combine new thing.

6. Buy only things that you like 100%
Very often it seems that you like the thing, but there is something that confuses you. Never buy such a thing, you will not wear it. Buy only those things that you like 100%.

7. Quality over quantity
It is better to buy one, but good in quality, than five, but cheap and of questionable quality. Choose good and natural fabrics that will not cause you allergies and you will wear it with pleasure.

8. Do not buy things what others don’t like
Very often you can find a nice thing, the store has all the sizes... a strange situation during sales, is not it? Immediately discard the idea to buy this thing, do not buy things that others don’t like. It has clearly gone out of fashion, or it is of poor quality.

9. Buy accessories
Time of sales is a great time to purchase accessories and shoes. But do not forget about the rule that says you have to choose the high quality stuff, and the one that will go with the rest of your wardrobe.

10. Do not buy defective items
During the sales you can often find beautiful things, but with the defects. These things are not worthy of buying because, most likely, you won’t be able to get rid of this defect.

М. Petrova