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A man on the top of the mountain

Sometimes the time comes when it seems that we have no more strength to move on. We want to give everything up and run away to distant lands, especially when we do not see the results of our work. But still you can not give up.

1. If you are alive then anything is possible
It should be said that as long as a person is alive and free, and has the right to choose, everything in his life can lead to success.

2. Be realistic
Do not think that you could achieve success from the first attempt. Often, on the contrary, we have to learn from on mistakes, because the probability of success from the first try is very, very small.

3. Believe in your strengths
Always believe in yourself, even if there are failures on the way. Be ready to realize that no failure will ruin you and your life. You are stronger than all of these obstacles, and you can overcome them.

4. Express yourself
If you do not want to become better than someone, to achieve more than someone, then this fact shows that you are willing to give up. You’d better learn to prove yourself and the world that you can, no matter what.

5. If he can, then I can
If only one person has reached the same thing that you want to achieve, it means that everything is real and achievable, then it makes no sense to give up, but instead, it's a stimulus to move on.

6. Believe in your dream
Never betray neither yourself, nor your dreams. Do not listen to anyone, and persistently follow your dreams.

7. Best inspirations are your family and friends
Let the people you love to be your inspirations, they will help you to follow your dream and do not sheer away from the right path.

8. There are those who feel worse than you do
Always appreciate what you have, and let each of us remember that many others do not have what we have, they don’t have such possibilities as you have. Appreciate and enjoy what you have.

10. You deserve to be happy
Never listen to those who say that you do not deserve happiness. You deserve both the happiness and success. Follow hard your dreams and be happy.

11. Inspire others
You can also become a source of inspiration for others. You may also be an example of how someone needs to pursue the aim. Who knows, maybe your example will inspire someone to do great things.

12. You are very close
Very often, when you want to give up, it turns out that you are very close to the successful end. Who knows, maybe you need to do just one step, and your dream will be in your hands.

М. Petrova