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Have a date with a friend
If you are thinking about how to reduce the list of necessary duties, pay attention to the fact that the last thing you need to cross out from the list is dates and meetings with friends. Social communication and relationships play an important role in our life and they make our life better and more interesting, full of events. Best friends are a good inspiration for you.

Play (Indoor or Outdoor)
Every couple needs to play on the open air, choose such sports as tennis, for example. Scientists have proved that the couples, who play together, feel happier, and it should be reminded that joy is an integral part of love.

Household chores unite
Do chores together. First of all, it will help to reduce the time spent on these things, and, secondly, it will help to bring you closer together as a family.

Laughter is the best doctor
If you get into trouble, do not blame yourself or your partner. It is better to laugh, because scientists at the University of Luxembourg have proven that laughter discharges tensions and, by no means, does not depreciates you in the eyes of your friend or a partner.

Switch off the phone
Out of sight, out of mind - we're talking about the phone. When you want to spend some time with your partner of just your friend, then switch off the phone and do not use it. So your will be focused on the person you are meeting with.

Share everything!
The next time you receive the good news, such as a promotion, do not keep it to yourself, be sure to share such news with your friends. You'll get an extra dose of positive feelings. Just choose a friend very carefully.

Closer to the nature
Enough working on complex tasks without finding a solvation of them. The best thing you can do in order to increase productivity is to refresh your mind in nature. Half an hour in the open air will enhance your creativity and will help you to feel the goal in order to continue to strive.

М. Petrova