Category: Psychology
A woman happy in winter

Start moving in a new direction

Winter is a time when it is very easy to fall into hibernation, but we have prepared several tips for you that will help you to stay active and feel happy, even in winter.

First of all, more movements. Studies show that increased activity reduces stress and increases the self-esteem. These endorphins really work, and a smile would not come off your face all winter.


Take time to think and rethink some moments in your life. Meditate every day. Studies have shown that daily meditation make people to feel happier. Half an hour in the bathroom filled with the scent of lavender, and you will feel rejuvenated.

Remember the childhood

Remember the childhood, play with your children outside, and laugh often, because laughter helps to release endorphins - hormones of happiness.

Arrange a party

Gather your friends and arrange a party without any reason. Studies have shown that happiness is contagious.

Drink plenty of fluids

Studies have linked mild dehydration with a bad mood and lack of heat, so do not forget to drink plenty of fluids. You can also diversify your drinking ration and include herbal teas that will help keep you warm during the cold months.

Get enough sleep

Insufficient amount of sleep leads to the development of stress. Studies show that sleep plays a key role in our well-being and good mood. So, turn off your computer and go to bed. Sweet dreams!

лю. Petrova