First date

The first date is important for the development of relations or their continuation. During the first date people are trying to make the most positive impression, as well as trying to understand the behavior of the partner. Here are some scientific tips that will help you to make your first date successful.

Interesting conversation

During the first date experts recommend to maintain an interesting conversation. Be careful with the jokes, because they can hurt people. But the key to the successful conversation is sincerity and naturalness.

Eye contact is another important point. Practical psychologists say that the contact must be permanent, especially if you have a serious conversation. Although the new study suggests that the optimal time for eye contact is 7-10 seconds at a time.

Recent studies that have been published in magazines Social Influence and Philosophical Transactions, say that men like dating, in which women's gestures reflect their own gestures.

Other studies suggest that people unconsciously copy gestures and postures of those people who they like.

Also, you must remember that your gestures and movements say more about you than your words. During the first date avoid closed positions, in which the legs or arms are crossed, but also poses that are too open, are considered to be impolite.

Many experts say that on the first date concreteness should be the main thing. You need to speak about your desires directly, do not hide the fact that you want to have the second date.

Scientific approach, of course, is good, but do not forget about the appearance and the clothes. Be careful with alcohol, do not get drunk.

М. Petrova