A happy lady

Happiness is a feeling of complete satisfaction with life. Can it be reached with the help of willpower? Or human being can’t achieve it?

First of all, the most important principle in achieving happiness is the very idea of happiness. Think of something good and positive. Studies that were performed by the specialists of University of Missouri showed that even the attempt to feel happier can bring positive effect.

Secondly, you need to learn to stop and sit for a while. In our world of modern technology even more time is not enough to enjoy life. Researchers at the Swedish University have proven the fact that the more time people spend online, the greater the risk of developing a depression and sleep disorder is. This is not only an adult problem; children are also in a risk group. After all, it is proved that only two hours of electronic game may adversely affect the developing of the child's psyche.

It is also important to spend enough time outdoors. Walk as often as possible. The World Health Organization has stated that the lack of walks is detrimental to our body.

Experts also advise to spend money on others. You can not buy happiness for yourself, but you can make others happy. And it does not necessarily have to be expensive gifts; any acts of kindness make people happier.

Keep smiling, smile can work wonders, it evokes a sense of joy in others. Researchers at Cardiff University of Wales had a very interesting study in which participants of the experiment received botox injections on their face, which contributed to the loss of the ability to frown. It turned out that the level of life satisfaction appeared to be much higher in such people.

Sport is another way to feel happier. It is well known that during exercises the hormone endorphin, which improves the immune system and improves mood is released. Also, studies show that people, who exercise on a regular basis, feel twice as happier than those who are sitting at home.

But we should remember that it is very important not to lose and do not pass by that same happiness in the pursuit of happiness. Researchers concluded that those people who are chasing happiness actually unhappy because they do not have time to enjoy all the delights of everyday life.

М. Petrova