A note with "Love you" written on it

February is coming and this month is considered to be the month of love and romance.

People say that when you are in love everything seems brighter, better and sweeter. Is it really so? According to recent study of the scientists which was reported on Live Science love can make things taste sweeter.

The students that took part in the research had to write about their experience:

1. About romantic experience
2. About jealousy
3. And about some kind of a neutral topic
And after taste sweet-and-sour and bittersweet candies.

Those who wrote about love said that both kinds of the candies are very sweet. Those who wrote about jealousy and about neutral things were able to distinguish the difference.

Later the experiment was repeated using a sample of a new drink. This drink was usual water.

And again, those who wrote about love considered this drink to be sweet.

It’s an interesting study, especially before St. Valentine’s Day. Be in love and enjoy the bright colors of life.