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Our crazy world is full of stress, and stress is considered to be one of the main reasons that lead to various diseases and problems. Below is the list of apps for your gadgets that will help to reduce or avoid stress.


This application is able to restore your emotional balance in a few minutes. It is ideal for those who have just a couple of minutes to relax emotionally. Enjoy a wonderful application for meditation and relaxation.

• Рacking Pro

Do you plan to escape from the hustle of the city and go for a vacation? Do you feel nervous about this trip? You shouldn’t. This application can help you to pack all the most necessary things. Do not know where to start? Choose one of the "favorite" lists and add your things.

• White Noise Lite

Stress doesn’t allow you to fall asleep? Or do you find it hard to sleep while traveling? Download this app on your phone, close your eyes and enjoy your trip.

• Yoga Relax

If you do not have time for anything, and your body and soul are tired and exhausted, experts recommend practicing yoga. Download this app and improve your state of mind and your inner peace.

• Pranayama

Do not let stress to take the better of you. First, count to ten and turn on your phone with soothing sounds of this app which will focus all your attention on your breathing.

• Stretch

Technology is unlikely to help you move up the career ladder, but it can relieve your physical and emotional stress. Download this Stretch app by Poworkout and enjoy it.

М. Petrova