Unsmiling ball

Not everybody enjoy and adore mornings. But what should be done to make it really good? Here are several tips for beginning the special day in your life!

• More Light

If your morning starts with bright sunlight that illuminates your room, the day a priori can not be bad. Scientists have also shown that natural light enhances your mood.

• Morning care

Nothing wakes you up better than love and care of a beloved one. If the day begins with a kiss, it will be really positive. By the way, British scientists have proved that morning sex reduces the risk of stroke in several times.

• Morning Exercises

If you do not like jogging, then at least spend 15 minutes stretching your body. Scientists say that the endorphins produced by the body during exercises help to cope with bad mood and charge your body with energy for the whole day.

• Proper Breakfast

Nutritionists are bored to repeat that breakfast can not be missed. Nutritious breakfast can improve mood, increase attention and make our body resistant to any stress.

М. Petrova