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What is fear?

Psychologists refer fear as a basic “emotion” that we experience it daily at work, at school, in the street, at home, everywhere. Fear mainly arises from 2 sources:  your personality and uncertainty. Many people are afraid of different things: water, height, pain, failure, death. They may have the same fear, but their behavior is shown in absolutely different ways: some people start to panic, other can’t control their emotions, etc.

In this article we will talk about a common phobia called “stage fright”. Many people say that their fear number one is fear of public speaking in front of coworkers, classmates,  at any event, concer or in any other place. Someone is afraid of speaking in front of a large group of people, but someone is scared to talk with one person. It seems like a nightmare for him.

A lot of people face this problem at any age. You know the feeling when your hands are shaking, your heart is racing and the fear paralyzes your body? Fear makes us experience all these states. The most important thing is to understand what exactly you are afraid of in public speaking.

Overcome your fear

Do you have to fight your fear and why?

Some people believe that fear can also play a positive role in their lives. It can teach a person, tells what is dangerous and what is useful. But there are moments when fear is on the way to your success, achieving your goal, moving up the ladder at work, etc. It can ruin your plans and overcome you. It's very important to be the master of your fear! If you are afraid of public speaking, then you should overcome this fear. There are lots of ways, but we’ll talk about that later.

“Why?” – you’ll ask. “Why should I fight this fear?”  After solving this problem, you can speak powerfully, sound like a leader, share your ideas, get promoted, etc.

First of all, find a reason for what you need to do this. Set a goal and then try different ways to find a solution to your problem.

Why are people afraid of public speaking?

Hundreds of pairs of eyes are staring at you. It’s so scary! Do you think that you are alone? No, unfortunately, you aren’t. You can meet thousands and even millions of people with the same problem. There are a lot of reasons why people are afraid to speak in front of an audience. Here are some of them:

- there are too many people in front of you;

- it’is something new and unknown for you;

- you think too much about what others think about you;

- you are afraid to fail and you think about this;

- you are afraid of losing control of the situation.

There are more other reasons. Every time, speaking in public, we are afraid of something. This fear doesn’t allow others to see who we really are and what we want to tell to the audience. We all have different fears but not everyone can face his fear and look it into the eyes.


7 life hacks how to conquer your FEAR of public speaking:

1. Comfort zone.

You can feel yourself comfortable outside your comfort zone. It sounds strange, but it's true. Preparing presentations, speaking in public seems like a nightmare at the beginning. If you want to grow, learn, achieve success, then you should get out of your comfort zone. First, start preparing your speech or presentation and start doing that as soon as possible. This will be your first step. So, if you are afraid of public speaking or something else, then just start doing it now.

2. Practice.

Practice is one of the most essential things. You need to understand that it's long and challenging. Speak as much as possible. You can speak in front of a mirror or in front of a camera. In this way you will see what you are doing well and what you need to work on.

3. Visualization.

Close your eyes. Imagine you are speaking. It doesn't matter whether it’s a crowd or a small group of people. Don’t think about your failure. You are speaking and all these people are looking at you and listening attentively. They want you to succeed. Slow down when you speak. Focus on your message. You can visualize your presentation a thousand times and when the day “X” comes, you won’t be so scared of speaking anymore.  Just accept yourself and think positively! 

Overcome Fear

4. Breathe!

Breathe deeply right before starting. This will help to start speaking more confidently. There are lots of different breathing techniques which can help you to relieve tension and concentrate. But when you speak in public your breath should be natural. Because if you think about your breathing you can forget something important.

5. Don’t waste your time and focus!

While speaking in public we often think too much about ourselves: our appearance, manners, voice, etc. We forget why we talk about that. It’s very important to bring your message to people. Focus on your audience, not yourself.

6. Competence. Confidence depends on competence.

Of course, you should be competent in what you do. When you understand what you are talking about, you feel yourself more confident. If any topic isn’t clear, you should do a research making some notes and it won’t be so scary to speak in public.

life hacks to conquer the fear of public speaking

7. Fake!

You may not be a great speaker, but you have what to tell to the audience. A popular american actor, Richard Gere said the following in one of his interviews : "I’m not a great dancer. I'm an actor who can fake a lot of things." You might also have heard this American phrase: «Fake it until you make it». While speaking in public you can fake too and people will believe you. It won’t be easy but practice and patience will help you to cope with this problem.

It’s a complicated task to overcome the fear of public speaking!You can’t get rid of your fear completely but you can reduce it. The medicine from our fear is in us. Our body will let us know when it needs the fear and when not.

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Author: A. Ukholova