A pair of sweethearts

Nowadays, social networking, online portals, e-mail plays a huge role in our lives. On the Internet, you can even find a soul mate. But there is absurd (it may seem at first glance) dating sites

A happy couple

The ability to trust in your man, to rely on him is one of the most important qualities that will help to inspire your man. Very often women say that their men do not want to take responsibility for the family, but here the question arises whether a woman is ready to give this power into the hands of a man, whether she is ready to fully trust him?

A man leaving a woman

You can never say with certainty whom to blame if there is a problem in the couple relationship, but responsibility must still be divided between both partners. Here are some reasons why men can leave women

Spouses with money

Family budget is common, and the money is spent by both partners as needed. This option tells about the trust between partners and helps to make joint decisions. The danger of this option is that one of the partners may begin to use the kindness and trust of the other. You should be careful with the family budget; you should set the framework of the amounts of money that can be spent by each partner

A couple of sweethearts

Love is a very intimate feeling that comes suddenly and unexpectedly. It’s impossible to prepare yourself for this feeling. Much has been said about the existence of love at first sight, and today we want to talk why we should not fall in love at first sight


Some foods help to stimulate the production of hormones that will affect the physical attraction. We present four products that are important for your sexual health

Just married

Even after the wedding we can not say that the person is in your complete possession. It is not necessary to alter the person you have chosen

A kissing couple

A successful conversation on a first date is associated not only with what you say, but more with what and how you do it. Below there are five tips that will help you to feel more confident on your first date