Ellis Island

At the mouth of the Hudson River, in one of the most beautiful bays of New York, an interesting place - Ellis Island is situated. Nowadays there is a museum of immigration here, but the island's history began long before the arrival of the first immigrants. In the late 18th century, when there was a war for independence, Samuel Ellis started on this island a small retail business for fishermen, in order they could buy all the necessary products here. Later, Samuel Ellis sold the island to the city authorities, but this island was named after him. 


Many years ago the first Disneyland was opened near Los Angeles, California, in the town of Anaheim. The park was opened on July 17, 1955, and since that time the park was visited by about 515 million tourists. Nowadays this is not the only Disneyland in America, Europe or in the world. 

Yosemite National Park is located in the west of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in central California, and has a huge territory. This national park is famous for the countless number of lakes, meadows, forests and mountains, and the rocky peaks of Yosemite remind us of the fabulous scenery. 

Central Park

Today we will tell you about public recreation places in New York, today I want to talk about best public parks.

Central Park
Central Park is the most visited park in the city; also it is one of the largest parks in New York City. The territory of the park is about 3,500 square km, and it is located in the heart of Manhattan. There are 7 bodies of water that are situated here, and you will never believe, but all of them were made artificially. The park was opened in winter 1859, and immediately won the hearts of local residents. Central park attracts visitors by its lush greenery, plenty of space and its beauty.


The best places for diving on the island are those that are situated not far from the west coast, namely in the area of Kailua-Kona where most diving schools and centers are located.

National Park Joshua Tree in California

National Park Joshua Tree is located in the southeastern part of the state of California, in a two-hour drive from Los Angeles. 

In 1936, it was decided to create a park that would protect a unique Joshua tree, and in 1994 the park was declared a national park.

One of the best restaurants in Hawaii

One can imagine that in Hawaii there is a great variety of cuisine. There is a great variety of restaurants that will cook you the most delicious dishes for you. 

But let's stop our attention on the "people’s" food, which is called «local grinds» or «island grinds». This dish is sold everywhere, in every café and in every eatery, as well as the so-called dining cars «lunch wagons», which sell lunches to the employees and workers. After lunch, the cars disappear as quickly as they appear.

Maui Island

The Hawaiian Islands have been correctly named the gateway to the paradise. The vast number of islands and atolls give you the opportunity to get lost in this paradise. Today I want to tell you a bit about staying at one of the most beautiful islands - on Maui Island.