California Glass Beach

The Mc Kerricher Park that is situated in Fort Bragg, California, has an astonishing and beautiful miracle beach made of glass pieces. An interesting fact is that nature has created this beauty out of the garbage. It’s worth noting that before a domestic garbage dump was located here on the coast, where the inhabitants of the city were constantly throwing their trash. 

A road to California

California is one of the largest states in the United States, which is also called the "Golden State". It can be said that this name was given to the state because of the gold fever that took place in 1849. But it is also worth saying that there are approximately 80 billionaires and 660 thousand millionaires live in this state, this fact is considered to be a world record. 

Buffalo, New York

Buffalo City is located near New York, and for a very long time was considered a suburb of the metropolis. At those times Buffalo was a highly developed industry center and was an important port city on Lake Erie. But after the channel was built, Buffalo has lost its meaning as a port and an industrial suburb of New York City as well. 


There are various beauty salons in New York, but not all of them can boast of a good reputation. We present our list of the best ones. Masters in these salons will be able to achieve the desired results. 

Beauty Salon, which is located on the top floor of a skyscraper, will attract you with its interesting decor and decoration. In the salon the best experts will take care of the beauty of your hair. If your hair has lost luster of life, you need to come to this salon. Such a procedure will cost you at least $ 70.

Brighton Beach - Russian City in America

Free America has always been a dream for many. Russian citizens are no exception. Many of them have moved and are moving to US in order to find their American Dream. 

It should be said that New York has the first place in the number of Russian speakers living here. Most immigrants to the United States have chosen Brighton Beach district.

San Francisco at night

What should be seen? 

Mandatory item that you need to see is a local "Victorian modernism" which is represented by wooden houses in two or three floors with turrets and staircases. All of them appeared after the devastating earthquake in the last century.

California Sequoia National Park

Sequoia National Park is located in the southern part of the Sierra Nevada in California. The park covers the territory of 1,635 square kilometers and is known worldwide for its giant sequoias. In addition to its trees, the park is famous for the caves; there are more than 250 caves here. But it should be said that only one cave is open for tourists. This cave is called Crystal, and it is the second largest cave in the park. 

Royal Siam Restaurant

Cozy and quiet Royal Siam restaurant is situated in an expensive Manhattan neighborhood. It has an excellent Thai cuisine and is a true Thailand in miniature, the small size of the establishments helps to relax in a quiet and peaceful place. 

Most likely this place won’t fit for any dinner party or a large family celebration, but for a romantic dinner or just for a nice dinner this restaurant fits perfectly.