Molokai, Hawaii

The island of Molokai is known as the friendly island. If you want to find in Hawaii simplicity, serenity and pristine beaches, then you definitely need to go to Molokai. There are about 8,000 people who live here and who show Hawaiian temper and traditions

Festive Ceremony Luau

Tourists coming to Hawaii will be necessarily invited to a festive ceremony - Luau.
What exactly is this Polynesian tradition? First, we will note that the age of this national tradition is more than one hundred years. Whatever the reason is, a huge Polynesian family gathers together and luau starts. And the reasons for the luau can be different: from the birth of the child and ending with the victory of the team

Dolphins in Hawaii

Unforgettable swimming with dolphins… your dream can come true in Hawaii. The most common types are considered to be a bottlenose dolphin and the Spinner dolphin. Swimming with dolphins is a mandatory item in the program for each tourist

Bit Me Fish Market Bar and Grill

If we are talking about Hawaiian cuisine, then, of course, here you can find a huge number of fish restaurants, as well as restaurants that treat their visitors with seafood.
Bit Me Fish Market Bar and Grill is one of the best fish restaurants, which is located on the Big Island, near Kona. It should be said that the restaurant has its own fleet, which allows serving fresh fish every day

Hawaiian Tiki

Hawaiian tikis are mythical statues made of wood, which represent the figures of the gods, guardians and spirits in the Hawaiian culture. First Hawaiian people arrived on the islands from Polynesia about a thousand years ago. They brought their culture and mythology with them

Geographical map of Hawaii

Hawaii is the longest chain of the islands in the world, the length of the islands is 1,600 miles. The main islands are located just south from the Tropic of Cancer and are located at the same latitude as Cuba and Mexico. Most of the land mass of the islands is divided among eight islands. Only seven are inhabited islands

Punalu - Black sands of Hawaii

Punalu is most unusual beach in Hawaii. And all of it is uniqueness lies in the fact that the sand on this beach has a distinctive black color. Striking contrasts of greenery, blue ocean and black sand will impress any tourist.

Dole Pineapple Plantation, Hawaii

In order to get the most memorable experience on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, you should visit the Dole pineapple plantation.

Every pineapple-lover will surely find plenty to do at this famous plantation. The main attractions at the plantations are pineapple gardens, railway pineapple express, and, of course, the holder of the Guinness record- pineapple maze