Maui Island

The Hawaiian Islands have been correctly named the gateway to the paradise. The vast number of islands and atolls give you the opportunity to get lost in this paradise. Today I want to tell you a bit about staying at one of the most beautiful islands - on Maui Island. 


The Hawaiian Islands are the most remote islands in the world. The archipelago is located in the Pacific Ocean, in 3,850 km from the state of California, USA, and in 6195 km from the coast of Japan. 

The Hawaiian Islands are considered to be the longest chain of islands. In the past, the Hawaiian Islands were known as the Sandwich Islands.

The Hawaiian Islands

The Hawaiian Island are considered the youngest state in the USA, they have become the part of the US in August 21, 1959. 

The youngest state consists of eight islands and many small islands and atolls. In total, the state has about 132 islands. Hawaiian area is 6470 square miles, and it is the fourth smallest state in the country.

Maui sunrise

If you dream to spend your vacation in Hawaii, Maui is the best place where your dreams will come true. Maui Island is the most mysterious, most attractive and the most amazing! Here you will find the best beaches, the best golf fields, the best windsurfing, and the sweetest pineapples that you have ever tried!