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Festive Ceremony Luau

Tourists coming to Hawaii will be necessarily invited to a festive ceremony - Luau.

What exactly is this Polynesian tradition? First, we will note that the age of this national tradition is more than one hundred years. Whatever the reason is, a huge Polynesian family gathers together and luau starts. And the reasons for the luau can be different: from the birth of the child and ending with the victory of the team.

Of course, hospitable Polynesians arrange a luau to the guests who arrive to the islands.

It is necessary to visit one of these festivals, because nowhere else you will be able to see these Polynesian traditions so colorfully and brightly as during the luau.

The fest begins at dawn, when a festive boar Kahlua is laid in the furnace. Meat is prepared during the day with the help of the stones that were heated from the sun, and in the evening ceremony begins when, during the singing of ritual songs the oven is opened and the meat presented to all the guests.

Luau is a holiday with much music and lots of dancing, and of course, no luau is complete without hula, which is passed from generation to generation for centuries. This dance is accompanied by very beautiful love songs.

The meat is served with cocktails, including the famous cocktails with blue guakomoy, piña coladas with rum and pineapple juice.

Also note that during the lei ceremony, you definitely will be given a flower garland, art of its weaving is a famous and ancient craft of local Polynesian inhabitants.

You can also see the release ceremony of the royal court hukilau, and be able to hear a variety of Hawaiian legends and beliefs. That is why luau is not just a celebration and feast, but it’s also the opportunity to really learn these people.

It should be mentioned that the entrance to this celebration will cost you from 30 to 70 dollars per person, and large families brought by you will make Polynesians doubly happy.

М. Petrova