Punalu - Black sands of Hawaii

Punalu is most unusual beach in Hawaii. And all of it is uniqueness lies in the fact that the sand on this beach has a distinctive black color. Striking contrasts of greenery, blue ocean and black sand will impress any tourist.

This phenomenon can be explained by volcanic activity, lava that flowed down the slopes of the volcano to the ocean, cooled and broke up into small particles. This is how experts explain the formation of the black beach with the black sand.
It should be noted that this beach is free with a highly developed infrastructure. You can even find special places for picnics here.

You can also enjoy the solitude in a small cave, and watch the ocean and surfers who love this place for the high waves.

This beach is not very crowded, so you can easily rest here. Local residents do not allow to take sand with you as a souvenir. They talk about the wrath of the goddess Pele, who is the ruler of all the volcanoes.

An additional highlight of the Punalu beach can be called unique fauna. The huge green turtles love this beach; they swim out from the ocean and come to this beach to bath in the sun. These turtles are endangered species and therefore it is strictly forbidden to disturb them. Next to each of these turtles is a sign that reminds about this ban and it also tells people that the turtle had been swimming for a long time and is tired. Local residents allow taking pictures with the turtles, but they don’t allow touching them.

As for the birds, beautiful white ibises come to rest here.

Punalu is an unusual beach for a perfect vacation.

М. Petrova