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Dolphins in Hawaii

Unforgettable swimming with dolphins… your dream can come true in Hawaii. The most common types are considered to be a bottlenose dolphin and the Spinner dolphin. Swimming with dolphins is a mandatory item in the program for each tourist. On Oahu and the Big Island there are firms that offer swimming with dolphins in the ocean, and more firms in all the Hawaiian Islands offer tours just to watch the dolphins.

It should be noted that state law protects marine animals, including dolphins. You are not allowed to approach dolphins closer than 45 meters, but that does not mean that the dolphins are not allowed to swim up to people. Dolphins can swim up to you, because they are very curious, but if they do not want to do that, you are not allowed to approach them.

Some companies provide a guarantee for swimming with dolphins, if you're out of luck today, the company agrees to take you on a return trip for free. They will provide the tour till you swim with the dolphins.

If you go to Hawaii in the winter months, then you have a chance to see not only dolphins, but humpback whales.

If it’s the first time for you when you want to swim with the dolphins, we recommend visiting the park "Sea World", which is located on the island of Oahu. This is where experts will offer you a variety of entertainment, and this is where you are allowed to swim with the dolphins in an embrace. In "Sea World" experts will tell you many interesting things about the life of dolphins, their habits, and most importantly, you will be allowed to get close to them. In the park you can see not only the dolphins, but also other marine animals that live in Hawaiian waters: these sea turtles and sea lions, penguins and other animals. In the park you can not only swim with the mammals, but also to go to the luau, which takes place here in the park.

Interesting events are held in Kahala Hotel, which houses the Centre for the Study of Marine Life "Dolphin Quest". At 3 pm the hotel hosts a show with dolphins, during which the dolphins perform a variety of stunts, jumps and tricks.

Educational programs offered by the center gives us the opportunity t be sure in the fact that dolphins are considered to be one of the most unique and intelligent animals in the world.

М. Petrova