Today I want to tell you some interesting facts that are related to the island of Maui.

1. Mount Haleakala is the largest dormant volcano in the world.

2. The most common plants in Hawaii, and in particular on the island of Maui, are endemic plants. The most interesting plant of this class on Maui is called Silver Sword, which is found in Haleakala National Park, at an altitude of 2,100 to 3,000 meters. This plant blooms only once at the end of its life, plant lives from 15 to 50 years.

3. It is here where the oldest school is situated, which was opened in 1831.

4. North Coast of Maui is known for its road to the town of Khan. The road is 80 km long. It is a narrow and winding road with 617 turns and 26 bridges. The most beautiful views of the island and of the ocean can be seen from here.

5. The island of Maui is the second largest island, with an area of 1,883 square kilometers.

6. Maui is the only island in all of Polynesia, which is named in honor of the deity.

7. Shape of the island resembles a figure eight, which was created thanks to the volcanic rocks.

8. The main attractions of the Maui are the streets of the old town of Lahaina, Baldwin House, Hing Temple, prison Paahao, typography Hale-Shares, etc.

The most beautiful places are those that were visited by yourself. We strongly recommend visiting this piece of paradise and enjoy its natural beauty.

М. Petrova