Photo of a boy on the plane

Check local regulations for kids’ transportation
Children under two years are allowed to fly sitting on parent's lap. For you this means that the price of the ticket may be much lower. For children from two years parents must buy a separate ticket. But be attentive when you buy a ticket, make sure this ticket is for kids.

If you are travelling with kids on your lap, don’t be lazy and ask a flight attendant about extra available places. May be you’ll be lucky to receive it.

A child up to two is prohibited during the flight to be in a sling. During takeoff and landing the child should be in your hands. Some European airlines provide special harness straps that can be attached to the seat belt of an adult. During longer flights you may be given a special cradle that is attached to the seat. It must be reserved in advance.

Although traveling with a baby on your lap is cheaper, but this method is not secure. For the stressless and enjoyable flight we recommend you to get acquainted with all the rules of a concrete carrier.

In order the flight went smoothly parents need to prepare for it in advance.

We’ve talked about the safety of your child, and now it’s time to talk about how to make your children happy during the flight.

Preparing a child for a flight begins long before the actual flight. A child needs to understand what is going to happen at the airport, including the checkpoint. Books and CDs about travelling and airports can help t prepare your child for the flight. A special training DVD disc Shae By Air: I'm a Good Little Traveler is the best one for this purpose.

Of course, the best for a child to travel is to sleep during the flight. As for the babies, you can start feeding them during the take-off and this will help them to go asleep. If you are sure that your child doesn’t fall asleep, it’s much better to plan an early trip when the child is full of energy and is fresh.

On the day of the flight it’s recommend to arrive early at the airport; in order the child was able to get around the new territory. Take a walk with him around the airport; this will help him to sit in the chair for several hours.

Be sure to stock up with snacks. Avoid sugar; make sure the snacks are rich in protein. Milk is the best way to deal with the pressure in the ears; it also has a sedative effect on the child. You should purchase milk in advance because not every flight will have baby milk on board.

You also need to prepare lots of surprises for your children. These can be books, new toys or interesting magazines that they have never seen before.

It’s very important to expect the worst even if you hope for the best. And no matter what will happen on the board of a plane, just keep in mind that that the flight will be worth when you get to the place of your destination.

M. Petrova