There are so many different tasks and plans but you have only 168 hours in a week. You want to be productive both at work and in your personal life, but you don’t have enough time to manage your to-do list. It seems that there is a mess around you. There are tons of plans and you don’t know where to get the energy and strength. Do you know this feeling?


Just understand that time is not your enemy but your friend. You can do so many things if you have goals and opportunities. The main thing is to organize yourself and your time correctly. It refers not only to work but also to other aspects of your life. Self-discipline is a key to success. A person who can’t control his life and be organized, so he can’t achieve the desired success. If you can’t achieve anything, it may cause stress, reduce productivity and disorganization. You get caught in a vicious circle!

What is self-organization?

There is a number of synonyms for this word: discipline, self-development, self-control, motivation, etc. When you have motivation, it’s easier to organize yourself. For example, if you work and you have lots of tasks and anyway you will accomplish them sooner or later. Because your boss is paying for that. If you have to go to work at 9 o'clock, then you will go and complete the tasks that you are facing. But what if you are a boss? Businessmen, entrepreneurs, they have to be organized. You should remember that you are the captain of your ship. Organization will help you succeed in your business, do twice as much work, save your  time and money.


Why is it so difficult to organize yourself? What mistakes do you make?



You don’t have a clear plan for a day It is important to know what to do and why and then success will come to you
Success is achieved without planning. Planning helps you achieve your goal faster.
There are no time limits.   You should understand how long a task will take you and plan your time.
There are no priorities    Choose the things which are the most important to you.
Too much work and little time.Make less, but better. Focus on one task at a time.


As you have noticed, self-organization is very important. Of course, all people are different.  One can organize his time quickly and easily and another person can’t control his own life. Actually, no one can manage time but you can learn how to use it effectively. A popular time management can help you to cope with this problem. But it is also important to remember that time management is a science. There are numerous methods and techniques that should be applied regularly.

We have prepared top recommendations for you how to save your time and become more productive. These 10 habits will help you to organize yourself and your life.

1. Schedule your day ahead.
It’s easier to start a new day when you have a plan. You know what tasks you have and start doing them at once one by on. You don’t need to waste your time to remember what important things are waiting for you today.

2. Set your goals.
It’s one of the main things in planning. You should decide whether you want to achieve those goals or not and then link your actions to your goals.

3. Top priorities.
You want to do everything, but you don’t have enough time for all meetings, projects, etc.  Prioritize your tasks, otherwise you will constantly feel yourself stressed and irritated that will lead to low productivity. Therefore, it is important to prioritize your tasks correctly.

4. Delegate.
Delegation is one of the fundamental principles for being productive in the workplace. Don’t try to do everything alone and let others do some tasks.

5. Write down things you should do.  
Use a notebook, calendar, planner or other scheduling software. This will help you to stick to a plan and achieve your goals faster.


6. Minimize distractions!
There are many time-wasters: social networks, television, messages, idle talks, etc. When waking up in the morning many people check their email, read the news, messages in social network Facebook. It takes your precious minutes and even hours.

7. Breaks.
Do you think that you are wasting your time while relaxing and you can do more? It’s not true. Take short breaks. It will help you to distract and recharge.

8. Say: "No."
This recommendation refers to such things as procrastination, perfectionism, multitasking, new non-urgent tasks that appeared suddenly, etc.

9. Deadlines.
Set clear deadlines for any task.

10. Double check
When you finish any project or report don’t forget to double-check all your actions, otherwise in future it will take your time doing that work again.


Successful people can manage their time. There is a hard work behind every success.  Do you think you are worse than they are! They have the same 24 hours a day. Sometimes it’s very difficult to focus on work or certain tasks. But you should create useful habits that will help you to achieve goals and stay organized. If you can manage your tasks, then you can manage your actions you can so you can manage your time. And as a result, you can manage your own life using time effectively!

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Author: A. Ukholova