A pair of tourists

Summer, sea, sun, beach ... you are planning to go on vacation, but thinking about saving your expenses? The article will help you make a budget so that the percentage of savings will be much higher.

1. Choose a vacation not during the peak season
The first and most noticeable way to reduce the budget is to go to the countries which do not have a tourist season right now. Off season does not necessarily mean that you will rest badly, on the contrary, there won’t be so many tourists, and the prices will be more moderate, just because it’s not a season. Tour operators say that such tours will save you around 30% of your budget. In addition, many travel agencies offer all sorts of discounts on such tours.

2. Plan your trip yourself
If you are planning your trip yourself, you can relax two times cheaper than the travel agency offers. It should be said that it’s not as hard as it may seem, most important thing is to select a country and a city that you want to visit. And then just a matter of technique: the choice hotels, ticket booking, etc. It should be noted that prices on the web-sites of the hotels will be lower than those offered by your tour operator.

3. You can save on the hotel
You do not have to choose expensive five-star hotels for your vacation, because most of the time you will spend out of it. All the free time you will spend walking around, enjoying the scenery, attractions and fun activities. It should be noted again that the hotels also reduce the price if it is not the peak tourist season. You might ask how to find the right hotel in a suitable city? The answer is simple: on the Internet, I recommend Hotels.com. This site provides a list of budget and economy hotels in any country.

4. To save on tickets
In order to save on tickets, you need to learn how to monitor prices on the websites of airlines. There are certain days when the prices are significantly lower. Also, in order to save on the tickets, you can choose budget airlines that will get you to your destination with several transfers.

5. Plan the excursions yourself
If you're a fan of excursions, we recommend planning your own excursions yourself. Guide services are very expensive, and in order not to overpay, it is much better to get acquainted with the new town and tourist attractions yourself. There are so many gadgets that are ready to help you: mobile guide, GPS-navigator in the car, as well as usual maps and travel guides.

6. Use bus passes 
If you decide to visit a big city, especially in Europe, and to examine it, using public transport, we recommend buying passes that will help you save a lot of your expenses. Also, in some countries there are tickets that offer discounts at a number of museums, galleries and other historical institutions.

7. Save on restaurants
Naturally in a new country you want to visit local restaurants and try the local cuisine. In order to taste the local food, and do not spend much, it is worth to visit restaurants that locals visit. Usually they are not situated on the main streets for the tourists. We offer a walk through the streets of the new city in order to find the restaurants that will catch your attention. Also a lot of reviews about the different restaurants are written on the Internet.

8. Forget about shopping in tourist areas
And the last rule, souvenirs are sold not only in tourist areas. Usually you can buy them in the shops, which the locals use.

We hope that these tips will help you save money and get a lot of unforgettable emotions.

М. Petrova