One of the Sunniest Cities in the World

Autumn has come, but do not be sad and mourn, because there are places in the world that can boast of a huge number of sunny days.

The sunniest city on the planet Earth is named Yuma. This is a city in the U.S., in Arizona, near the Gulf of California. It is said that the city is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the sunniest city where the sun shines on an average 11 hours a day. Studies by the World Meteorological Organization show that in Yuma the number of sunny hours per year is on an average 4015 hours out of a possible 4456.

The second city, the sun governs is named Phoenix. The capital of Arizona is recognized as the hottest city in the United States. On an average, the sun shines here 10.6 hours per day, which amounts to 3872 hours of sunshine per year. It should be said that more than 80 days in a year, the average daytime temperature exceeds +30 ° C. Snow in the city is rare, snow fell only 7 times since the founding of the city, last time it was seen here in 1985.

Third place in the ranking of the hottest cities in the world belongs to the Egyptian city of Aswan. The sun shines here about 10.6 hours per day. Aswan is also considered to be one of the driest cities on the planet. This city annually receives only 1.4 millimeters of precipitation, which is comparable to the amount of precipitation that falls during 1 hour of light rain.

Another city that deserves our attention is the American Las Vegas - a paradise for entertainment and recreation. The Sun over the informal capital of gambling shines 10.5 hours per day. It is worth recalling that the city is built in the desert, all the plants are watered with water that comes from other cities.

African Dongola, which is located in Sudan, receives the fifth place. This city is located in the Nubian Desert, where the sun shines 10.4 hours per day. Sudan, and in particular this region, is considered to be the most arid on the planet, the average annual precipitation is less than 28 millimeters.

In Europe, the leader in this list was considered an Italian Foggia, which is located in the region of Puglia. The people of this city can enjoy the sunshine for 9 hours a day.

М. Petrova