Photo of numerous planes

Budget airlines or airlines-discounters are attractive for several reasons.

Firstly, they propose incredibly affordable prices, and, secondly, they have a great variety of flight destinations. But is it really what you want to get?

Cons of budget airlines


Indeed, many of the budget airlines delayed their flights, but it was in the past. Now statistics show that the low cost airlines delayed their flights only for valid reasons and for a short time. Delays may happen not only with the budget airlines.

Extra fees

Another negative disadvantage is the additional fees for food, entertainment on board or even a blanket. Even if you want to choose a seat, then you will have to pay extra for this service. You even have to pay extra money if you wish to pay by a credit card on board.

Far away landing

This is probably the biggest minus of the airlines. They do not use the airports that are located in big cities, usually they use the airports of the near by cities. But sometimes it takes several hours to get there.

Pros of budget airlines

Cheap airline tickets

Airlines tickets are really cheap, sometimes companies offer to pay taxes and airport fees.

Various routes

Map of destinations is really huge. They offer cheap tickets not only for short flights, but also on flights that fly overseas. Be sure that the usual airlines will charge you twice more for such flights.

Regional airports are not so bad.

Regional airports are smaller and you do not have to stand in long lines to get your luggage or to leave the airport.

Choose what's better for you and enjoy flights to different places.

М. Petrova