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Photo of a woman scared of flying

First of all, less fear and more travel. This should be the motto of those who actually are afraid of planning a trip.

Here are some useful tips that will help to overcome this problem and to have a trip you’ve always dreamed of.

Where are the roots of the fear?

You need to understand what keeps you from travelling? What are you afraid of? Write down specific worries you have about travelling such as fear of flying, fear of getting lost, etc. and now look at every point and try to find the way of overcoming it. Separating your fears makes them seem less horrible.

Have a talk with travelers

Meet with your friends who enjoy travelling and ask them to explain what they love most about travelling. Their enthusiasm will be contagious. Ask them about their fears and how they overcome them. Also ask them why they travel despite those fears and worries. May be their answers will add you enthusiasm and you will feel more confident.

Choose a destination and get excited about it

Now it’s time for some actions. Choose a place you would like to visit. This will be your first step to your dream. Once you’ve chosen a place, go online and start researching. I’m sure you will find lots of stuff about this place that will thrill you and will make you want to go. Excitement will win out over your fears.

Book a trip

And now is the time to make a big step… it’s time to start planning and booking your trip. Early planning and booking will save you a lot of money. Are you still scared? Usually there is no way to overcome your fears completely, but you can make them seem not so dramatic. The thing you need to do is to be focused on the things that made you feel thrilled.

Stay excited and enjoy your travelling! Take lots of pictures and be inspired!