A room in a modern hotel

In most cases, hostels are associated with students. After all, the students prefer low-budget accommodation. But, fortunately, the tourism industry is developing and low-budget hostels are becoming better and better.

It should be said that basically hostels are oriented on young people, but they are also popular among lovers of cheap kinds of traveling.

Nowadays more and more hostels are trying to attract tourists not only for its affordable prices but also for its’ design and creative approach to customer service.

Kex Hostel – Reykjavik, Iceland

Former filmmakers and former football players were working on the creation of this hostel. This hostel is situated in a building of the former biscuit factory. The main objectives which were placed in front of the creators of the hostel were to create a place where you can enjoy nature of Iceland and to taste different kinds of beer.

The bar of the hostel very often hosts concerts and private parties. To the overs of more relaxing recreation hostel offers yoga classes and visiting retro barbershop.

Price: from $25.

U Hostel – Madrid, Spain

This hostel is located in the Madrid palace of the 19th century. The design of this hostel is called the minimal art. The rooms are spacious, decorated in light colors.

In the evening, the hostel owners offer to enjoy a movie, and more active tourists are invited to relax on the terrace which is located on the roof of the building.

Price: from 20$.

Generator Venice – Venice, Italy

This hostel is also located in a historic building of the 19th century on the island of Giudecca. This island is known as the widest and closest to Venice Island, separated from it by Giudecca canal. The hostel offers great views on the Venice Lagoon.

Designers of this hostel have tried to combine stone and wood in the interior. This hostel constantly hosts various groups and shows.

Hostel’s café offers great Italian menu from which tourists are recommend to taste delicious pasta and crispy ciabatta.

Price: from 21$.

Freehand Miami – Miami, USA

This guesthouse has its vintage style and the room, where various kinds of parties are held, is decorated in the style of Art Deco of the 30-ies.

Hostel owners offer their guests to relax, sunbathe and swim in the pool, which is located on-site.

In addition, tourists are invited to visit the vegetarian garden and to attend the art classes.

Price: from 35$.

HI Whistler – Whistler, Canada

This hostel is one of the most modern, as it was built specifically for the Olympics participants in 2010, which was held in Vancouver.

The hostel features a very spacious dining room where you can relax and enjoy billiards. Each room has a TV, and offers lovely views of the mountains.

Here you can sign up for yoga classes, play poker, as well as sign up for a walk in the mountains.

By the way, the ski slopes are situated just in fifteen minutes from the hostel.

Price: from 30$.

М. Petrova