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Beautiful city on water

When we talk about cities on the water, we immediately imagine the majestic Venice, but do not forget that in the world there are many cities that are located on the water and are not inferior to the beauty of Venice.

Amsterdam is one of those cities. This city is a beautiful, historic center, which will impress any tourist. Amsterdam offers boat trips on the canals, parties on yachts, as well as visiting cafes, bars and restaurants, which are located on the banks of canals.

Hamburg is the sixth largest city in Europe, located at the mouth of the River Elbe. This city is also called the city of bridges. It offers visits to historical places, to enjoy the vibrant nightlife and, of course, to enjoy relaxing by the water.

Chinese city of Suzhou, which is located near Shanghai, is often called the Venice of China. Different parts of the city are crossed by a huge number of channels, the canal of Suzhou is considered to be the biggest one, and a huge number of historical sites are situated on the banks of this canal.

Udaipur is called the pearl of the Indian Rajasthan. This is a magnificent city of marble palaces and radiant lakes. It should be said that the city is located between the four lakes on the shores of which you can enjoy the beautiful temples and palaces.

Bangkok or Venice of the East is a modern city in Asia. It should be said that in Bangkok you can take a floating taxi that can take you in different parts of the city. During these boat trips, tourists can not only enjoy the historical sites, but also to get into the traffic jam.

Stockholm is also called the Venice, but Northern. This city is located on the islands between the eastern shore of Lake Mälaren and the Baltic Sea. This beautiful city in Europe is known for its interesting architecture, lovely green parks and museums.

М. Petrova