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About City

Springfield's attractions offer a wide variety of fun. Whether you prefer an excellent place to watch a game, or a good laugh, or dancing through the night, you can find it in Springfield! The city offers attractions for all tastes. You can find a lot of comedy clubs, restaurants, dance clubs, and sports bars here in Springfield. If you are a history fan, you might be interested in the history of the city of Springfield. On the south side of the State Capitol complex you will find the Illinois State Museum. If you want to know what life was like in Illinois millions of years ago, visit the Illinois State Museum. It will be an exciting learning experience and adventure. The exhibits tell the story of Illinois’ life, land, art, and people. The natural history hall, “Changes: Dynamic Illinois Environments,” shows the changes in Illinois environments over the last 500 million years. If you want to travel back in time, visit the Illinois State Military Museum. It preserves the heritage of the Illinois National Guard and features the military artifacts associated with the citizen-soldier of Illinois. In Springfield you will be able to find a museum for your children. Come visit the Mary Ann MacLean Play Museum. The museum is a free, fun, and unique educational resource for children of all ages. Enjoy your trip more by planning your visit and you will realize that it takes more than one visit to enjoy all that Springfield has to offer.