Kansas (KS)

The state of Kansas is located in the central part of the USA. The city Topeka is the capital of the state, and largest cities are Wichita (which is considered to be one of the most comfortable U.S. cities), Kansas City, Lawrence, Atkinson. “Sunflower State” is an official nickname of Kansas, although it is also known as the "granary of America", as it remains the top most wheat producing state. The geographical center of the country is located exactly in Smith County, Kansas. The pride of the state zoo Sandvik in Wichita is considered one of the best zoos in the United States. In the same city there is an unique museum under the open sky, that is a farm built in the 70s of the ХIХ century. The former military outpost on the old Santa Fe Trail and forts of Larned, Riley and Leavenworth, which are still in use, are also popular tourist attractions. In Dodge City there are many places of interest where the spirit of the Wild West comes alive. The western history village museum that reflects the lifestyle of ХIX century is among them. An old Andrew Carnegie library is also located here. A building with interesting enough architecture is a round two story gallery with an exhibition center and souvenir shop.

Capital: Topeka

Population: 2,87 million.

Kansas State Slogan: Ad astra per aspera

Nickname: Sunflower State, Granary of America

Website: www.kansas.gov