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About City

Near or far, Augusta is worht the trip. Augusta, the capital of the state of Maine, is only within an hour of the rocky coast, sandy beaches, historical landmarks, ski resorts and golf courses. With a new high school, a world class cancer care center, and one of America's best state park system, the city is a good place to live. Don't miss the ooprtunity to visit Augusta. Experience its history, art, culture, recreational offerings. You’ll be glad you did. There’s so much for you to see and do. Old Fort Western is the Maine’s oldest surviving wooden fort. This National Historic Landmark was built in 1754. today it's a reminder of the great contest of cultures dominated 250 years ago. More about Augusta and Maine's history you can find out by visiting the Maine State Museum and the Maine Military Historical Society Museum. The museums preserve Maine's heritage, history and traditions. Among the many unique sites to visit are the Maine State House, Children's Discovery Museum, Blaine House, etc. One more interesting place to visit is the Lithgow Public Library. It holds a collection of around 65,000 books, periodicals, and audiovisual items. The libraryserves the Capital Area with a wide variety of services and programs. The Maine's state park system is as diverse as the state's landscape. In Maine, there are 32 state parks which impress visitors with their beauty and spectacular views. Enjoy a picnic, take some photos, visit ocean beaches and mountain trails. In Augusta you can find an almost endless variety of things to do.