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It is worth noting that you will not be able to get to the manufacturing parts of the plant itself, but you can learn about all the intricacies of the production of these wonderful pencils and crayons in a special pavilion. This center is located in Easton, PA

Ice cream from Chin Chin Laboratorists

So simple, but such a necessary thing in the summer! If you are looking for some unusual ice cream, and not just a ball-cream cone, you should go to London, Sydney, Tokyo and Los Angeles. Treat yourself with unusual flavors and combinations

Amusement parks give a great opportunity to relax with your family. We present you with the list of the best amusement parks in Europe, in which not only children, but adults can enjoy extreme rides.

Mount Fuji, Japan

Better than mountains can be only mountains ... 10 mountains that have to be conquered...Fuji, Japan.Fuji is one of the most beautiful peaks in the world that many tourists try to conquer. We draw your attention to the fact that the most successful time to climb the mountain is the period from July to August. When you come here you’ll be able to hear many legends about this beautiful peak.

Chocolate Express

First of all, it should be said that the composition of Swiss chocolate does not contain any flavorings or taste boosters, chocolate is the most natural. The Swiss believe that chocolate should be soft, should have silky texture and to be unusual

Map of the countries of the world

The most attractive country according to the tourists is Australia. Tourists also noted that Canada, USA, Italy, Switzerland and France, New Zealand, Britain, Japan and Sweden are great for the vacation

A scenic road

There is nothing better than traveling in a car with the windows open and the beautiful scenery around you! Travel by car is an exciting adventure for your entire family. We offer to take look at the most beautiful roads of America

Granola bar

If you're already ready to pack your bags and go traveling. Then it's time to think about a snack. Forget about greasy chips and high-calorie biscuits; instead, fill your bag with products that will give you the strength and energy for the whole trip