Map of the world with quality of life index

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) made up the list of countries with high standards of living taking into account the 11 categories, such as the average income, housing, employment, education, the environment and life expectancy

Vikings’ bread or hakarl

When traveling, it is important to pay attention to the food, particularly the national one. It can tell you a lot about the traditions of the nations.
The northernmost capital of Europe, Iceland Reykjavik is known for its famous Vikings’ bread (decomposed shark meat) or it is also called hakarl. Carcass of a shark buried in the ground for 6 weeks, and then dried in special places. This is likely the most brutal food in Europe

Big Apple

The new tourist season in New York is in full swing. And a question of having a bite becomes particularly acute. Today we present to you the most interesting restaurants that can treat tasty soups and not only for minimal money.
AU BON PAIN is a huge network of restaurants that will make you day with fresh pastries, as well as soups, salads of your choice or freshly prepared sandwiches

A beach in a suitcase

Planning a family vacation can bring a lot of stress. However, one of the best ways to spend a family vacation is a cruise. We present you a few tips to help you planning your trip.

Step 1: Check with your travel consultant
Do not know where to start? The best help you can get is from the professional in this field who can advise the direction and cruise!

Step 2: Select the location where you want to go
There are many opportunities for traveling on a ship. This may be Catalina and Spain, or some other place in the Caribbean!

A picture of shopping ladys

Everyone loves shopping, especially women, and The Economist magazine made up a list of cities in Europe, which are the best for shopping.
Here are the 3 leaders who have passed all the tests.
Rome is a city of design things, but it should be mentioned that you shouldn’t expect to buy designer clothes at cheap prices.
Armani, Versace, Prada, and other famous brands have their shops in Rome at the famous Spanish Square Piazza di Spagna. There were times when the entry into the luxury class stores was not free.

A dish from the restaurant

Of course, the restaurant is associated with the possibility of a huge choice. But not everyone knows that there are restaurants that sell only one dish, and they quite successfully compete with other.

l'Entrecote (Bordeaux, France)
A small network of l'Entrecote, that exists in many large cities in France since 1959, specializes exclusively in one dish – rib steaks. A special sauce gives the dish a special flavor, the ingredients and the method of preparation is being kept as a guarded secret. The meat is served with homemade potato in non-restaurant conditions: on the table without a tablecloth and on a normal dish. 

Photo of paella

Today, again, I wanted to continue to talk about the goodies from different countries, which you surely need to try when you travel to this country.
In Spanish cuisine in the first place, of course, gets paella. This dish is cooked from rice with seafood and special spices. The Spaniards say that paella can not be tiresome, because there are more than 300 kinds of different paella

Most strange and most dangerous drinks in the world

Of course, along with the products that are useful for us, there are those that kill us. Now we present to you the list of the most dangerous drinks of the world.

Ayahuasca is a drink that provides a hallucinogenic effect. This drink is made by the aboriginal inhabitants of Amazon. The main component of this drink is the vine from the family of gourds. In addition to the mind-numbing effects, ayahuasca instantly cleans the entire body from parasites.