Walt Disney Concert Hall

Los Angeles is a dream city for many, young and old want to visit the city and enjoy its beauty.
So, what to see and to visit in Los Angeles?
1. First of all visit Hollywood. Walk around this fascinating area near Egyptian and Chinese theaters, and be sure to visit the famous Kodak Theatre, where the annual Oscar ceremony takes place, and where the world's annual film stars shine on the red carpet.

Photo of an Iran city

Going on a trip do not forget that there are different morals and rules of life in those countries, and do not try to set up your own rules of life. 

In Japan, for example, you should hold the chopsticks headward, they must not be crossed or you shouldn’t point with them. You can’t stick them vertically into the bowl with the rice, because the Japanese do so only during the funeral.

One of the best locations for cycling in Europe

We present our 10 locations in Europe, which is worth visiting and cycling there. Wonderful tours will help you to see a new country, and get a lot of positive emotions. 

Loire Valley (France) is famous for wine tours and now is gaining popularity among the cycling tourists. The valley is a flat area, so even novice cyclists will feel comfortable here.

Pulau, Malaysia - Langkawi Sky Bridge

The best way to see the city is to climb to the highest point of the city and to enjoy the beauty of the metropolis. We offer you the list of the best sky decks which are worth visiting! 

Pulau, Malaysia - Langkawi Sky Bridge
Two peaks of the Langkawi archipelago, which is situated on the island of Pulau, are connected by the heavenly bridge, which is located at an altitude of 125 meters. Note that the bridge is held by one support. In windy weather, it seems that the bridge is about to fall, because it swings a lot. Tourists call this bridge the most terrible in the world.

Lake Chelan

We all love to relax by the ocean, but trip is not affordable to everyone. Instead, we recommend you to think about going to the beautiful and picturesque lake. Here is the list of the best lakes for summer holidays. 

Lake Michigan
Lake Michigan is located on the border of the states of Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana and Illinois – that’s why it is ideal for those who live in the Midwest. Lake Michigan has also another name - Third Coast of the USA. 

Photo made in Sri Lanka

1. Sri Lanka
Destroyed by tsunami in 2004 and civil war 1983-2009, Ceylon became an unwelcome place for the most of travelers. But the conflict is over, investments in the tourism have been increased significantly, the number of visitors steadily grows. Sri Lanka is one of the best places that are worth visiting, it’s famous for its’ white beaches, the ocean and low prices.

Photo of Amazon

Technologies that exist today have made the world very small. You can be in different countries, different continents, but you can talk to each other and even make video calls and see each other. The same can be said about the desire to travel, but our desires do not always match with our capabilities. 

The famous Street View from Google can help us move virtually anywhere in the world and enjoy the beauty of this place.

Dubai Miracle Garden

No, it's not a mirage in the desert. This is really a huge colorful flower garden, which was artificially created to attract tourists from around the world. 

The newest attraction in the region contains 45 million flowers which form different sculptures and model. The organizers hope that the garden will become one of the main attractions of the metropolis.