Photo made at the Cоnrаd Mаldivеs RаngaliIslаnd Rеsоrt

Everyone loves unforgettable moments. Do you find sleeping with the sharks unforgettable? 

Hotel owners and travel agencies develop interesting programs in order to surprise and attract a greater number of tourists. The Cоnrаd Mаldivеs RаngaliIslаnd Rеsоrt has been recently opened on the Maldives. This is a very extraordinary hotel; you can get to in only by a hydroplane.

Finger Lakes

The Finger Lakes are a pattern of magnificent lakes situated in the west-central part of New York. They are very popular among the tourists from all over the world. Most lakes are narrow and long, and due to their shape lakes have such a funny name. The two longest among them are Cayuga Lake and Seneca Lake. They are also the deepest ones in the USA.

The Finger Lakes area is famous wine producing region. Thanks to the amazing location grapes here have particular taste and juiciness. Over 100 wineries and vineyards are located around the lakes. Thanks to the lakes the grapes are protected from frosts in spring and receive desired coolness in summer.

Fairy house of Carmel

Carmel-by-the-Sea, which is often called simply Carmel, is a small town located in Monterey, California about 330 miles from Los-Angeles. This interesting town, which is located on the Monterey Peninsula, was founded in 1902. Carmel is known for its incredibly beautiful scenery and artistic history. The town residents devoted their lives to the creative and aesthetic art and built these fabulous houses. The town is known for its creative people, for example, several mayors of the town were artists, actors and poets.

Photo of fabulous caves in glaciers

No matter how the mankind has been developed, no matter what unique nano constructions have been built – nothing can be compared with the magnificence and might of the nature. Majestic mountains, endless fields, depthless rivers and, of course, caves. They are mysterious as if hiding something great and unknown to us. Sometimes it seems that it’s not us who are looking for the new caves, but caves are looking for someone whom they can tell their stories to. They have seen so many things during hundreds of years and what they have kept silence about. Caves in the glaciers are sleepy observers who wake up when they hear human voice and respond to the steps of a man by melodious notes. Like people caves cannot be the same. 

Photo of the beautiful Kamchatka

Kamchatka is one of the most beautiful parts of our planet. Here the Russian morning is born and the night steps out into the world. In August it is fall here and in June it is spring. In this land the fire element peacefully coexists with cold ice. Rich flora and fauna attracts travelers because of its variety and splendor. The Kamchatka Peninsula lies in Russia between the Pacific Ocean to the east and the Sea of Okhotsk to the west. 

Pheasants on the Prairie, North Dakota

Every nation has its own sights because the every nation makes its history that will be spoken and written about as long as it will be remembered.

There are so many amazing and really wonderful sights in US. Some people say that they are typical, but most people do not agree with this statement, because all of these sights are beautiful, interesting and attractive in its own way. Every year thousands of tourists visit them, because they are really beautiful.